Things to do in Moscow, Russia

Things to do in Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the capital city of Russia and has off limit to international tourists in the past. However more and more travelers are now visiting this wonderful Russian city as there are so many beautiful sights, great attractions and a lot of culture and history.

This travel related article offers advice and information for those of you that would like to visit the Russian capital. One thing that I can tell you is that you will certainly not get bored there and that you will most certainly have a wonderful time there.

The Red Square

The Red square is one of the most famous landmarks of the city and every tourist should visit it during their trip. You will also be able to see the well known Kremlin at the Red Square which is home to the Russian government.

Peter the Great Monument

Peter the Great is a very important person in the history of this country which is why a monument was made to honor this man. Be sure to take your camera with you when you visit this 165 feet tall monument.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Moscow has a number of impressive religious and historic buildings and one of my personal favorites is the St. Basil’s Cathedral. The opening hours of the St. Basil’s Cathedral are daily from 10:00 until 17:30.

Moscow Zoo

If you are visiting town with your children then you should definitely plan a visit to the local zoo. It is nearly one hundred and fifty years old and it is the largest zoo in the entire country. The zoo is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00 until 19:00.

Travel Guide To Moscow

Travel Guide To Moscow

Everybody knows exactly where Russia is. With Moscow as its capital, this country has become an even much more amazing place to go to. There are countless journeys you can accomplish with your relatives and buddies here. You’ll find well-known attractions from all perspectives of the area. The moment you’re in Moscow you can connect with history by visiting in its a lot of wonderful sights such as the Kremlin and the Red Square. Some other famous infrastructures which are around the city of Moscow include St. Basil’s Cathedral, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Novodevichy Convent, Bolshoy Theatre, and the State Tretyakov Studio.
Just what creates Moscow a fantastic and surprising place to see is that it is also showered with several educational and methodical establishments as well as a bevy of sports features. In relation to dining and drinking, this place gets the best dinning establishments and the most memorable Russian delicacies. As being a major town has its positive aspects for the reason that food choices here are varied. From Chinese to French cuisines, Moscow has almost all the kind of food that can gratify any traveler’s palette. Aside from awesome dining establishments, it also has top class accommodations that can provide you with the most effective and most comforting amenities and services.
Climate: Moscow has a humid continental climate. It has warm and humid summers and long cold winters. June, July, and August are the warm months. Snow starts to cover this amazing city on November and starts to melt in March. Whatever the weather is in Moscow you will still enjoy its wonders and beauty.
Transportation: Getting to Moscow or going around it is no big deal. The moment you arrive in the airport you can choose from a variety of cars in the facility. There are standard, business, and VIP vehicles. You can even choose to ride in the minibus for an even more socialized journey to the wonderful city. You can also avail of tour packages that offer you transfer within Moscow. Whether you tour the city by train or by car, you will surely have a great time enjoying the sites and the people of Moscow.